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How Specific Probiotics Can Aid In Weight Loss

You may not know this, mainly because it’s breaking science, but new research shows probiotics can aid in weight loss.

And not only can they lead to weight loss…

They can help keep it off for good.

While probiotics have been the focus of a substantial amount of health research lately, most of the research is focused on how probiotics help ease stomach issues.

And there’s plenty of evidence supporting the claim probiotics support gut health.

However, not until recently did researchers begin investigating what probiotics could do for weight loss

Now researchers believe probiotics can aid in weight loss And this is because they’ve discovered the way probiotics work to restore your microbiome could help people shed unwanted pounds and help them achieve weight in the healthy range.

That being said…

Not just any old probiotics would do.

To achieve weight loss they’ve discovered only specific strains helped with weight loss.

Take a look at the research below.

Not only will you see what probiotics can aid in weight loss, you’ll see how Clearly Healthy Nutrition’s Digestive Support 7X could help you in your mission to achieve weight loss.

The Stunning Way Probiotics Can Aid In Weight Loss

Before you see what probiotics may help with weight loss  it’s important you understand what probiotics are and how they work inside your body.

The first thing to realize is your body is teeming with bacteria.  

Billions of individual macrophages are alive in your body at this very second.

  • Some of these bacteria are harmless to your health.
  • Some of these bacteria are good for you (as in the case of probiotic bacteria).
  • And some of these bacteria can be quite harmful to your health.

Probiotic bacteria are a specific kind of bacteria inside of your intestinal tract. They take up residence there because they survive by breaking down the food you eat.

And they’re survival is essential to your health.

By breaking down the food you eat they’re actually helping you digest food so you can use it effectively.

If there aren’t enough probiotics in your body it means your food will not be broken down properly and the potential for thousands of bodily functions to become interrupted is quite high.

The simple truth is you need probiotics to maintain good health.

Sadly most people don’t have enough probiotics in their gut.

And when that happens not only do goods go undigested it may lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your gut.

The reason most people’s probiotic levels are so low has to with three factors.

  • They don’t eat enough probiotic rich food
  • Their diet is full of foods known to kill off probiotics
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals in diet and in the air cause probiotic extinction.

  • And while low probiotic levels are known to cause  a host of health problems…

    One of the most significant problems is unintended weight gain.

    That’s right, if your body doesn’t have healthy levels of gut bacteria it may result in a spare tire, love handles, and a jiggly neck.

    Fortunately, evidence from studies shows reversing probiotic imbalances might not just improve several areas of health it can aid in weight loss too.

    Research Shows These Probiotics Can Aid in Weight Loss 

    When it comes to probiotics there are two main kinds of probiotics:

    • Bacteroidetes
    • Firmicutes

    Based on the available research we believe when two kinds of probiotics are balanced equally it leads to a healthy and stable weight.

    Studies show many people with higher amount of Firmicutes in their gut tend to be overweight.

    There have been a few studies over the past years that support the claim that an excess of Firmicutes (AKA bad bacteria) can lead to excessive weight gain.

    In one study researchers performed something known as a fecal transplant in mice to see what would happen when they took the probiotic colonies present in overweight mice  and put them in the guts of mice of average weight.

    What happened almost every single time is once the normal weight mice were given the transplant they would then become overweight.

    Nothing about the mice’s lifestyle changed (i.e., their diet and exercise routines remained normal) and yet they still gained weight.

    This shows support for the claim that the right kind of probiotic bacteria are needed to avoid weight gain. 

    However, this isn’t the only reason the right kind of probiotics can aid in weight loss. .

    Turns out consuming the correct kinds of probiotic strains can  also cause the human body to release stubborn body fat.

    Certain Probiotic Strains May Cause the Release Of Stubborn Body Fat

    As recent research has shown, fat isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    In fact, hundreds of studies show eating more healthy fats and fewer carbohydrates could be the secret to fantastic health.

    Problem is if you’re already overweight then even a change in diet won’t help you lose weight…

    Not if you don’t fix the problem in your gut and restore healthy levels of probiotics.

    Dr. Wiggy Saunders who works at a leading Integrative health clinic wrote this about how probiotics can help release fat from your body.

    “Studies have shown probiotics might keep your body from absorbing more fat than it needs to. This essentially keeps your body from tacking on those extra calories and may help keep you slim and trim.

    There’s also research that shows probiotics might influence your body’s hormones to prevent fat from sticking to you.

    Research shows this happens in two different ways.

    The first is by bumping up the production of a hormone known as GLP-1. When GLP-1 goes up, not only will it help you feel full longer, we also believe it might affect your metabolism, so you burn more calories daily.

    The other way probiotics might help is by increasing the protein ANGPTL4.  From what we’ve observed, increases in ANGPTL4 have been shown to decrease on-site fat storage...which helps keep you lean.”

    Makes sense, right?

    Now that you understand the importance of getting the right probiotics is to weight loss it’s time you find out what those bacterial strains are.


    The Following Bacterial Strains are Beneficial for Weight Loss


    Multiple studies show that if you want to correct probiotic issues these are some of the best kinds of probiotic strains to take are

    Study 1:[In a] study of 125 overweight dieters investigated the effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus supplements on weight loss and weight maintenance.

    During a 3-month study period, the women taking the probiotics lost 50% more weight compared to the group taking a dummy pill (placebo). They also continued to lose weight during the weight maintenance phase of the study.

    Study 2: When it comes to Lactobacillus casei a study of overweight individuals demonstrated that taking  Lactobacillus casei for six months led to improvements in weight control  and even helped improve cholesterol levels in the process.

    Study 3: And the way Lactobacillus plantarum works to help modify weight gain is unique.

    The presence of Lactobacillus plantarum in the gut leads to the creation of a certain kind of fatty acid strongly linked with weight loss.

    This fatty acid is called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). In a study of mice given Lactobacillus plantarum it was discovered that within 8 weeks the mice lost weight even though their daily caloric intake wasn’t modified.

    Study 4: In a study published in the Journal of Probiotic Health, researchers observed when mice were given both Bifidobacterium breve and longum it may lead to an altered intestinal microbiota that minimizes the amount of energy stored in adipose tissue (fat cells), thereby, reducing weight gain.”

    These 4 studies collected here are just a short list of studies collected on how the right kind of probiotics could lead to weight loss.

    Now, the important thing for you to do if you’re reading this and want to benefit from probiotics for weight loss is to repair your gut biome.

    Here’s Where You Get the Right Probiotic Strains

    Your diet is the best source of probiotics.

    As Dr. Saunders says “consuming Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurts (goat), kefir (goat), and kombucha are, among others, superior sources of probiotic material” is the #1 way to get probiotics into your body.

    That being said, it’s hard to get the right kinds of probiotics that could lead to weight loss from diet alone.

    Mainly because many probiotic-rich foods don’t have sufficient amounts of the bacteria mentioned above.

    This is where supplements come in.

    Clearly Healthy Nutrition’s Digestive Support 7X is rich in the probiotics shown to help aid in weight loss.

    While Clearly Healthy Nutrition’s Digestive Support 7X wasn’t designed for weight loss, the simple fact studies show many of the strains contained within are helpful at maintaining a healthy weight makes it a tremendous resource for healthy weight management.

    Clearly Healthy Nutrition’s Digestive Support 7X is one of the highest-quality strength probiotics on the planet.

    Unlike other probiotics on the market who advertise their high strain count, Clearly Healthy Nutrition’s Digestive Support 7X  gives you the highest-quality shelf stable (no refrigeration necessary) strains.

    These strains are readily absorbed in your gut and are scientifically shown to support gut health.  

    To get yours today you can click any of the links above or on the images below.

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    One of the most popular supplements we carry, try it out for yourself and see how it helps you.


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